Week 22

You’ve had awful weeks before, right? The kind that makes you want to tell your mother you’re too sick for school today, figuratively? Have you had your windows smashed in, even though there’s nothing worth taking? Or found yourself in a car accident on the way home from work the very next day? (No injuries, car is fine, stupid, stupid fender bender)

I had two shoots planned out both of those days, but my light was gone by the time I had dealt with both scenarios. I’ve become a monthly weekly subscriber to Murphy’s Law. Rather than settle for something last minute that wouldn’t meet my expectations, or be anything you’d want to watch, I present to you a work video that I’ve had in my pocket in the instance something like this happens. I’ve become opposed to posting work videos because it’s low hanging fruit, and that’s my least favorite kind of fruit. But this is what backups are for.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank anyone who keeps up with this project and these films in the slightest. In the grand scheme of things , myself and my work are entirely insignificant. But it helps knowing that there’s some sort of audience out there that is maybe, in a small way, paying attention to whatever pressure, stress, and hustle I choose to put myself under. I cant wait to share with you what I have planned in the future. You’re all the best.

Be good

Week 21

Another one from Utah this summer! I was working 12 hour days while I was out there, so filming this All-City piece was my time to hang out and swim a little. And I had more golden light in the Wasatch Range than I knew what to do with! Why can’t I film in the mountains every day?

Thanks to my new friends Kyle Kelley and Ty Hathaway from Golden Saddle for being fun to work with and riding super hard. #partybrand!


p.s. really missing the dry heat on a day it might snow in Minnesota
p.p.s. shout out to Kyle’s ass!

Week 20

An excerpt from Bill Watterson’s Kenyon College commencement address on May 20th, 1990. To me, a lesson in understanding and perspective for when I’m capable of feeling anything but.

Disclaimer: A new camera has come into my life, and it’s got capabilities for super slow motion, as you can see. Part of this video is trying to get that out of my system so I’m not so tempted when I’m shooting for real. I get it, no one wants to watch a full video at 240 fps!


p.s. I always feel pretty vulnerable about the more abstract shorts that I do, especially this one since my voice is in it. I think that’s a good feeling.

Week 19

Studio on Fire is the best letterpress shop in the country, and it’s not even close. My friend Steven likes to say “We’ve always been into weird shit, and now we’re getting into even weirder shit”. He wasn’t lying.

I showed up at Studio on Fire’s space for a couple beers and to watch this whole experiment go down. It was no bullshit when they told me they didn’t even know if it’d work. I heard the phrase “Holy shit I think it’s actually working” more than once that day. This serves as a call out to local artists and screen printers to invite them the opportunity to have their shit run over by a massive steamroller, too. Don’t ask me how to get that invite, though. I don’t even know if I’m invited.

Again, an extreme pleasure to collaborate with Studio on Fire. I’ve following their work for a long time, and I suggest you do the same. I’m thrilled at the notion of more collaborations between us in the future.


Week 18

First music video! I feel like I’ve almost been putting off doing a music-themed video because it feels so apart of my world and I’ve been trying to branch out more. But we always come back to what pulls us in the first place.

I really like how this turned out, Brent’s a good friend and a total goofball. Sidenote, his beautiful wife Ashley cuts my hair at Stellar Hair Co in NE Minneapolis, she’s fantastic. For those of you who noticed, I’m posting early since I’ll be on a 6 am flight to Chicago for Riot Fest this weekend. In the area? Gimme a shout!


Week 17

This week’s video is as much about this project as my first one. Ive been in the middle of a busy two weeks. Maybe the busiest of my life. Between working a lot, packing and moving my life across town, filming for projects on the horizon (keep an eye out), and lots of other obligations, Ive been feeling stretched in all sorts of different directions. But thats ok, these are the moments that refine us. After getting home late last night from a work shoot, I wanted to give you guys a portrait of what most Thursday nights look for me; taking care of what I need to, and staying up really, really late to edit. It might not mean much to anybody, but it means something to me.

To catch you guys up, a 5x5 film is a simple video composed of five 5-second shots, using only natural sound. Its an interesting way to put restrictions on the creative film process, which isnt too far off from what Im trying to do with this project. 

Be good,

Week 16

A few weeks ago my name got passed along to John Mark, the man behind Hotrocity and MPLSTYLE, and he came to me asking if I would be willing to shoot a launch video for his new fashion e-commerce brand. As he was demonstrating his vision, showing me the clothes, and explaining the brand imprint all I could think about was how over my head it all was. So I agreed. Ive reached a point where doing what seems intimidating and putting myself out of my comfort zone is the easiest way to find the same high I got when I first started shooting.

I found that the pace and collaboration of working with talent and fashion was really appealing to me, and I hope to do lots more of it. That desire was where Week 14, Graveyard Girl, was born from. The crew on this shoot was outstanding, I cant say enough how much of a pleasure it was to work with John Mark, Irv Briscoe, Matt Blizel, the dancers, and the assistants. Julia from Ignite was fantastic, I think her talent is beyond obvious in the video.

I hope you enjoy it!

Week 15

Another one with me in front of the camera, sorry y’all! I love doing fun intimate pieces on my own, but I think larger scale corporate videos are just as fascinating. I got to collaborate with some real folks in this one, and having resources to bounce idea’s off of is invaluable. Lots and lots of motion graphics in this one, diving deeper into the world of keyframes.

Full disclosure, I didn’t shoot this video. Cinematography from the talented Marty Wood, Art Direction from Allie Long, and Storyboarding, Video Direction, Editing, and other post work from myself.